Vocational Trainings

Cases of school drop-out due to school fees and pregnancies are common in the slum areas and OGSY has been adversely affected.

Currently OGSY has 50 young mothers who were forced to drop out of school due to pregnancy. Their children are aged between 1 month to 5 years. With time, need for employment has arisen due to demand to meet basic needs. Unfortunately young mothers lack skills to access reliable jobs.

OGSY has managed to link 14 young single mothers (aged 17 - 23) with course like computers, hairdressing, dressmaking and catering. OGSY would strengthen provision of vocational skills for employment and entrepreneurship target both boys and girls in the project. Selected OGSY members will be trained in entrepreneurship skills and supported to engage in social ventures that create more jobs within the community.

OGSY will also establish a job placement centre for the community to link skilled youth will potential employers.


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