Our Story

After 10 years of existence, Old is Gold Slum Youth, has managed to develop a participatory and an interactive sport initiative to help arrest the situation with special focus on young mothers.

Young people are engaged in weekly sports related activities while also participating in community service, health and life skills education, linked with centre's offering vocational skills and talent development. There is no progress of an individual because the resources are limited e.g. education, proper health care etc. There is poor housing as the houses are made of mad, plastic materials and papers which are not of good quality.

The roads are also bad thus making it difficult to access the slums due to lack of proper infrastructure and overcrowded houses. Since OGSY work in the slum for last 10 year, we have managed to at list save some funds which we are helping our members with small loans, medical cover for both members and their children, school fee for both member and their children, and we have secured a Half acre land in Ruai ,Nairobi where we are Building Some Houses for our Member, this houses are moment to help our members both in football and those who are not playing to start up their Life's and later give a chance to others, since they get loan to start business, in other way this house are like transition they stay for a period of not less or more than 3 years before they can move. There is no proper planning and implementation of personnel due to lack of proper training and high level of illiteracy.

There is also business breakdown making the business owners poor. Loss of life through death due to high crime rates, hunger and diseases is also persistent in the community. Resident have a low human dignity, value and self esteem thus unable to move forward as they believe that they are poor and nothing good can ever come out of them. Poverty inhibits anti-social behavior like unhelpfulness, poor judgment and undesirable sexual activities among the young Girls. To be able to finance their drinking habits, such young people are also likely to start criminal activities and misbehavior.

This included stealing from family members, friends and relatives. Lack of education among the youth has also contributed to poverty in Mathare. Most residents of Mathare cannot send their children to school because they cannot afford school fees and uniform.

OGSY has also used sports as an empowering tool e.g. arranging as well as training soccer from different age groups i.e. under 10, soccer team tournaments. This keeps the youth's busy thus avoiding idleness which leads to Early Pregnancies drug abuse and crime. Sport has also been used as a source of income for the youths in Mathare. OGSY has promoted self-help groups which are essential and promising development approaches.

This is done by giving the youth some loans to start up small businesses. OGSY has also helped the youth in Mathare exploit their talents through various scholarships and sponsorships. Despite OGSY's efforts to help the youth in Mathare to fight poverty, the state has persisted. This is because of inadequate relief supplies and facilities in the slum e.g. food, rehabilitation centers, clothes, School fee, sponsorships, etc. The community feels that there is inadequate community health awareness to enable people take sufficient preventive measures and hope that OGSY will extend its services to offer good health care facilities.

The community also feels that because of diseases like HIV/AIDS, people are too weak to the economically productive. There is also a problem of unemployment and absence of salaried jobs which leads to high crime rates and insecurity in the community.