Our Mission & Vision, Values

Doing Small Things With Great Love.

To nurture talent and empower the youth in order to be self reliant and independent in decision making and participate in developing their community.

To ensure that the youth of the Slum and its environs reach their full potential.

To see the number of school going youths and young leaders in the slum increase, single women, orphan children, premarital sex, and poverty in the slum consistently reduced and That everything we are doing we do it with all our heart happy.

By coming together as youths, who otherwise may have been hopeless with life, we believe in the long term rewards of developing our community, not only for ourselves, but to the benefit of the upcoming generations.

Discipline, commitment, selflessness, happiness, to be our greatest values. We also believe in the spirit of togetherness and fair distribution of responsibility and benefits to our members and the whole community regardless of the tribe, religion or even color.

This organization was formed to bring social & economic changes at the community level and this will be achieved through;

To improve girls participation in both sports and education.
To create platforms where young people can actively participate in decision making and development of the local community.
To train and coach young people on business, vocational and life skills.
To mentor young soccer players into professional soccer hence helping them exploit their talents and become economically dependent.


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