Life Skills

Youth generally have limited knowledge and experience to make informed decision. In Mathare, cases of teenage pregnancies, STIs, HIV/AIDS, unemployment are common in the community.

Therefore OGSY integrates reproductive health education and life skills through daily soccer practice sessions and weekly matches. Trained peer educators mainly single mothers engage players (young people) in dialogue circles on reproductive health education in the middle of the practice sessions and before matches during weekends.

So far OGSY has managed to reach 1500 young people yearly mainly girls through reproductive health dialogue circles.

However demand for accurate and factual information on reproductive health, VCT, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition is on the rise. Facilitators (Single Mothers) relay on their experiences how they have coped with the situation. OGSY wish to train more Single Mothers on Reproductive Health Education as trainers.

This will help OGSY to reach more youths and especially young girls. This will assist in curbing cases of teenage pregnancies, engagement in unprotected sex and HIV infection.