Our Old is Gold Slum Youth Kenya

OGSY was incepted in 2002 September 28th as a self help youth sports and community development project for the slum in Nairobi By James Waithaka.

The main aim of OLD IS GOLD SLUM YOUTH is to use sports as a tool for change in a community that is socially excluded from meaning development that would guarantee enjoyment of human rights as enshrined in the constitution and international conventions on human rights. current situation in Mathare Valley and the experience of OGSY for the last 10 years, working with girls and young mothers in the target community.

Mathare Valley is characterized by overcrowding with inadequate housing, lack of cleaning drinking water, playing grounds, social amenities, inadequate sewerage, and uncollected waste and high unemployment rate among the productive age group.

For many years, the area has experienced social exclusion and relative lack of support. The area is also considered by authority as illegal settlements and as such, there are frequent evictions and fire outbreak to remove people by the "private developer". At the family level, most families are female headed household while both women and men work in low income job sector which is unreliable.

This has greatly affected parents ability to make spend ample time with their child and also make meaningful contribution towards their children's upbringing and education. Hence children are left to spend a considerable more time with their peers who influence their behavior and relationships established. Therefore young people (aged 13 - 25) are faced with uncertainty regarding their future as they are ill prepared for the challenges that come along with adulthood responsibilities. Young people lack adequate life skills and reproductive health information to make informed decisions regarding their sexuality.

The result has been high rate of teenage pregnancies, crime, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), low level of education, low acquisition of employability skills and enrolment in secondary and higher education especially amongst the girls. Due to the high levels of poverty and unemployment youths in the area have been recruited into the local vigilante groups which are used by politicians as "violence tool" during election period. All these challenges have a very big impact on the lives of young girls and women in the community. Poverty has ruined both personal and community development at large. The gap between literacy and illiteracy has withered due to poverty.


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